Oh what a wonderful day…

Yesterday was such an awesome amazing day. Not only was it my birthday, but it was also International Tabletop Day.

I'm not usually one for celebrating birthdays. However it was hard not to yesterday considering the alignment of the stars.

The day started off as you know with some Star Realms via the app. But not long after those initial posts I had to hit the road with a shed load of games and pick up my amazing birthday cake that Doreen created for me. After a chat with Sam and her daughter Zaphod in which we caught up on news, shocked me with the fact our gaming session in Wisbech that afternoon was being missed because Zaphod wanted to see an aging Canadian called Brian Adams singing some popular beats from way before Zaphod was a single cell, in Birmingham (apparently it was cheaper to see Mr Adams in Birmingham than to see him in their home town of Peterborough!!!). It was time for me to end a very long sentence that didn't really move the narrative of this post on, and head back to Wisbech and the afternoons gaming event.

With the weather being unusually good for a bank holiday weekend I should have realised that the A47 round Wisbech, and also going into Wisbech itself would be a mini nightmare. Which meant that I got caught up in what were mini traffic tailbacks. After winding my way through town via side roads I arrived not too late to our venue for the afternoons gaming.

Upon arrival Jonathan informed me Matt wasn't able to attend, but Debbie would be. I was just glad there was a trolley to move the games into the building.

With my selection of games and Jonathan's we had a wide variety of games, covering gateway games like Ticket to Ride, to complex euros like Caverna, and everything inbetween.

After a chat, I taught Jonathan Star Realms. It was going to be interesting to see how Jonathan got on. Why? Well scifi themed games are not his favourite theme, and he's also not a big fan of deckbuilders. So the odds were against it. However after pausing for Debbie's arrival, Jonathan went on to win the game, which he did not dislike. So I'm counting that as a win.

Our next game, and the first with Debbie was the current darling of the gaming echo chamber Quadropolis.

Having played Quadropolis I have to say I don't get why this is getting all the buzz that it is currently getting. After playing I was kind of left feeling indifferent. It wasn't a bad game, or a bad feeling of indifference (unlike Between Two Cities). I think the hardest thing is that I can't point at one thing like a mechanic that grabbed me and got me excited. But then I can flip that around and say there wasn't anything that I hated either.

I know that this game has been mentioned/compared to Dice City. And those comparisons have been in favour of Quadropolis being the better game. However I don't agree with that view. For me after a single play of both, Dice City edges it. But I'd happily play both again, maybe not go out of my way, but if some-one said “hey lets play…” I'd be ok with it.

On the plus side I won.

Debbie chose our next game which was Batman Fluxx.

Jonathan took the honours with this game.

We followed up the chaos that is Fluxx with some smash your face in, push your luck, monster bashing, King of Tokyo.

Debbie won our first monster mash up, but it was close if I'd had survived her turn, I would have won on victory points. It was a close game.

We then played again but this time with the Power Ups expansion. During this game I had bought the “it has a child!” card, that if you are eliminated gets discarded along with all your other cards and lose all your victory points, then heal back up to ten health and start again! This card gave me the win. After Jonathan was eliminated I stayed in Tokyo trading blows with Debbie, each of us knocking down the others health. Thing is I didn't care, I knew I was going to still be in the game if I got knocked out. So when that moment did come I lost the chance of a victory point win, but I had done enough damage to Debbie that it was easy to smash Debbie into the rubble of Tokyo and get the win.

I liked the addition of the power up cards. Especially because they give a use for the heart face when you roll them whilst occupying Tokyo. Plus the cards make your character a little unique, and the suspense of having these unknown ability that can be played at any moment. I like them a lot. The King of New York version of this expansion when it comes out will definitely be added to the collection.

After indescriminately destroying Tokyo with our epic battles, we headed off to the grand abbey to become novices, and take part in the hidden movement game Nuns on the Run.

We hadn't played this before, nor read the rules (which wouldn't be the last time this happened during the day). Apart from nearly sending Debbie into a coma whilst reading the rules from a truly atrocious rules book. I think this game would be better with more players. Although functional and playable with three, we had Debbie playing the two nuns we were trying to avoid. Still it felt ok. Just that awful rule book needs a reworking.
Just so the gaming records are kept up to date Debbie won.
Our last game before taking a break for tea was Splendor. After reminding Debbie of the rules, Jonathon went on to grab the victory.
The food break was at Wetherspoons, and Jonathan very generously treated me to my meal. Which saw all of us settling on a burger with sides of chips and onion rings, and a pint of cider (I can't remember which one but It was a favourite of Jonathan and Debbie's).
Fully fed and refreshed it was back to the table.
Our final game of the day was Glass Road.

Another new game to use all. Although I think Jonathan had played it using the app. I think by the end it took us around two hours to play this game. Which apparently should have taken forty minutes or so. Why did it take us so long? We were playing the game incorrectly!!! Calling the first two rounds of play a train wreck would be partially true. Maybe the wording of the rule book could be clearer in certain instances.

With only the last round being played correctly, Debbie went on to get the win. But is it a valid win! That counts?

I have to say despite being a minor train wreck in reality, and over long play time. I still enjoyed the game. It didn't seem to drag. There are things to like, such as if a card is played by another player and its in your hand you get to play that card to and cut down the number of actions the other player can do. The resource management and the moving dial giving the automatic production of bricks and glass is cool. I also liked the hand selection with the second guessing what others might also be choosing.

I definitely want to play this again with the correct rules.

What a fantastic day yesterday was. A day of surprise generosity of others, great gaming. You couldn't want for more. I really do feel blessed.

How did your Tabletop Day go?


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