New Toys for WS11Jul16

So despite deciding to make our pockets a little bit lighter by raising prices, Esdevium has actually decided to share with the U.K. a couple of interesting things next week.

First up, and I’m excited about this, is the first data pack in the next cycle Flashpoint for Netrunner, 23 Seconds.

Very quickly out I think considering that the “core” game came out last month, are these additions to the Tanks skirmish game.

So after a few weeks of dumping stuff on the market I have no interest in, we have the above expansions. 

Consider this the quiet before the storm. Origins has just finished, with some releases happening there. But the big flood is still to happen. A lot of publishers have been holding off for GenCon. 

GenCon hits at the start of August, with all the stuff released there hitting your wallets soon after!

Time to start saving!

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