New Stuff We29May16

This weeks latest bricks in the gaming extension I'm building to my home.
The main reason A Game of Thrones the board game hasn't been added to the collection earlier is the lack of people to play with. It requires a minimum of three to play, which rules out just Nath and I playing it. However I have found others interested in playing the game, so here it is, ready for us to battle it out for control of Westeros.

I like the deck building kits for Magic. They fit in with my casual approach to the game. So this adds to my card pool and gives me a couple of boosters from the Shadows over Innistrad set just released.

Grave Consequences the expansion for Elder Sign that was “sneaked out” found its way to my letter box. This is a small small expansion made up of three small decks that up the difficulty level of the game.

The last new arrival shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really. It was just a matter of time before it appeared. And please when I declare it my game of the month try and act surprised!

So that wraps up this weeks just arrived stuff.

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