New Next Week 22/2/16

It's that time of week where the UK branch of the Asmodee Borg collective Esdevium let us mortals know what presents from above we will be bestowed with, and allowed to buy.

As always this is what caught my eye, and is not everything they are distributing to stores next week.

First up is the Blessed vs Cursed Duel Decks for Magic the Gathering.

These are a great deal for those that are into “Magic lite”, who like playing but don't want to invest tonnes of money into the game.

There are also deck boxes and a two player playmat themed around this duel deck coming out at the same time.

Next up is one I'm really really excited about.

Tokaido is a beautiful looking game, and a game I love playing (needs to hit the table soon I think). So a chance to pimp it out with this official kit is really exciting. And just the excuse to get it back to the table.

Finally oh I've got to get this playmat.

Now you've seen it, I needn't say any more about it, it's bloody obvious why I want this.


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