New Loot 27/2/16

Welcome to my weekly round up of stuff that dropped through my letter box.

Even though I haven't got Ticket to Ride Europe (yet) this mini expansion is free from Days of Wonder, you just pay for the postage.

I've already blogged about the following, looking at its contents. However the publisher hasn't responded to my email yet about getting a replacement figure for the broken one. I have been forced to register with their call tracking system. But that was an automatic response to my email. I've uploaded evidence of the fault. But no update has been put on there either. Walls of silence are great customer service!
At my weekly Netrunner fix there are plans afoot to play the draft format of the game. With a lack of the draft rules online, I ended up getting this draft starter just to get a look at the formats rules!

There is going to be a “marathon” Ticket to Ride play session in March by some of the Fenland Gamers. So I thought this might be a fun “chaotic” expanse to throw into the mix. Or at least have the option there of playing it.

This week I met up with an old school and college friend who I hadn't seem since 1987(?). In the meantime he moved to the land down under, and made a life down there. Fast forward the clock, with the aid of Facebook we got in contact again. That friend is now back in Blighty for a visit with his wife and latest addition to the family.
I made a little gift package for them of the following two games and Love Letter (from my collection) after hearing they were just using a pack of cards and playing canasta as entertainment. I think I covered a few genres with these three, cards, dice and tiles!
Thanks to Gavin who alerted me to this little bargain currently on Amazon, if you are a WWE fan you should be snapping this up. And with unlimited music streaming from Apple I'm sorted for the entrance music to play for each wrestler.

Oh how much of a bargain was it? Just under a tenner! That's a twenty odd pound saving. Plus my Prime membership it was free next day delivery.

That's it for this week.

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