New Arrivals new arrivals (5/2)

Going to start off this post with some lego stuff and then finish with a game related bit.

First up some minifig bits that will make be parts in making my three planned figures. Plus the little contamination container for the scientists. There are still some more bits to come, more legs torsos, and accessories. But they are coming from a different company. I am really happy with the anonymous head to use for the hacktivist.

I had a little issue getting this next item. Ordered at the same time as the other bits from Amazon, but sent separately via Royal Mail. Didn’t arrive next day ( thanks Amazon for the extra month of Prime membership, pays to complain ). The book still hadn’t arrived yesterday so back on to Amazon who resent the book! Which turned up today.
Finally I found a site (Belgian!) that sells promos for the game Ghost Stories, ok truth be told I wasn’t actively looking for promos for this game I stumbled upon it, as you do. So as part of a small promo splurge this month I ordered the promos they had. The Ma-Cho promo is for an expansion I don’t have (yet) but thought I’d get now while I could. The others add more cards/tiles to the base game. I’ll be looking at these in more indepth at a later date.

So there you have it today’s new arrivals. More still to come, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise as to what they are. Knowing what was released last week I think some of you may be able to make an educated guess to one or two of the items.


Well lunchtime saw another delivery. The Yu-Gi-Uh Dice Masters Gravity Feed arrived. Ninety packs, one hundred and eighty cards and dice. Two rare cards ^__^ So as you can guess I’ve had a funtime opening all those packs.



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