New Arrivals Mid Jan 2016

This weeks new arrivals top and tailed the week.
Monday saw the arrival of the first Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalker expansion Battle for Zendikar. When I ordered this just before Christmas I hadn't seen it on sale in the UK, so I was “forced” (ok I could have waited, it's not as if I've played the game yet) to get the expansion from the US of A.

The week closed with the arrival of promos for two games I have from the bgg store. First up is the nine tile Medena expansion/promo for Alhambra. This is the second expansion/promo I've added to the tile pool for the game. Interestingly this one adds the possibility of negative points in the scoring phases!

The other game to get the promo pimping out this week is Kingdom Builder. The first expansion/promo is an island. Which adds another area to the board to use. I need to read the rule booklet for any other changes.

The other promo is the Capital which replaces a castle under specific circumstances, and another way to score.

Still in the postal ether is a couple of promos from Portal Games.


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