New Additions 20/2/16

It's that time of week where I share my new arrivals on here, but if you know me on other social media outlets then you will have seen these photos during the week as they arrived.

Those cards from DriveThroughCards arrived at the start of the week. And boy was I impressed with the quality of the cards. Great prices, amazing quality. Can't go wrong. I'm thinking now that I will get the print and play cards for the time machine promo for Colt Express that a fan made done now. That would be really really cool.

I managed to get a real bargain on Council of Verona second addition from the Facebook Trading and Selling page. A second copy by a different seller appeared the next day for twice the price! I'd love to get the second expansion for the game, plus the spin off game, but for some reason the publisher has decided to make it nigh on impossible to get them in the UK. Which also goes for this game. I don't get that. Obviously making a living is against the publishers ethos.

My other two arrivals were also great deals from the Facebook Trading and Selling page.

The Lost Legacy was the game plus the three expansions in the single box. The seller hadn't included the two little storage bags that came with two of the expansions. So I've emailed AEG about how to go about getting the bags.

Eminent Domain a deck building game about building your space empire was also a really good bargain.

I should point out when these second hand games the first thing I do is check that everything is there. It's not that I distrust the seller, it's more for my piece of mind. If I didn't do it, the thought that something was missing would just eat away until I couldn't ignore it.

So that's this weeks new stuff.


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