Nath’s Birthday Weekend – Sunday

Our Sunday mini gaming session kicked off once Nath had surfaced and showered with Tides of Time.
This was the first time for both Nath and I playing this card drafting game. Compared with other card games the cards in Tides of Time are enormous. However they are beautiful looking, as is the whole game. Ok there is no art inside the lid of the box, but there is a lovely piece of art is the base of the box.
Nath and I very quickly picked up the simple rules. What marks Tides of Time out from other drafting games is that at the end of each of the first two rounds each player chooses one card to remove from the game and one card to keep in front of them.
Naturally Nath enjoyed this game. I think comprehensively beating me (take a look at the score pad that comes with the game in the above photo) helped a lot towards that.
We were just setting up Tiny Epic Galaxies when Nath's girlfriend came to the table, so I invited her to join us in playing the game.

After a quick explanation of the rules and talking them both through a couple of turns, Nath and his girlfriend had the game down. This is the second time I've played the game, and I have to say I'm loving it. There was some nice tit for tat interactions using planet abilities to foil the plans of each other.

Once again Nath walked away with a convincing victory. Nath and his girlfriend both liked the game. One comment made by her was it was “complicated but fun”. Which is interesting because she is a none hobby gamer, whose previous experience of games are the mainstream offerings. So between Nath teaching his girlfriend Star Realms yesterday, and now going straight into Tiny Epic Galaxies, I think she is experiencing a new view of what board games are.

We finished the mini gaming session with me introducing Batman Love Letter to Nath and his girlfriend. This was a blast with me knocking Nath out first card by playing a Batman and guessing his card on a turn one. His girlfriend forgetting which card I had after just exchanging cards with me. Or me forgetting I had played Harley Quinn a couple of turns earlier when guessing Nath's card and naming her!

However Nath funny enough didn't enjoy this game as much because his winning streak came to an end, with his girlfriend winning the game.

I left Nath this copy of Batman Love Letter so that they can play it also while I'm not there.

This was a fun little gaming session with Nath and his girlfriend. It was a pleasure meeting Nath's girlfriend for the first time. She's also a Marvel Geek! Now maybe Nath will have to watch the excellent Daredevil on Netflix. She did say she was going to force him to.


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