Nath’s Birthday Weekend – Saturday

Ok Nath's birthday isn't until Tuesday but seeing as I'm visiting this weekend, it's ok if he has his birthday present early I think.

So Nath now has his own copy of Star Realms, with the Gambit expansion, Crisis Expansions, the storage box with the official card sleeves and the Mercenery Garrison promo. As I type this bit of the post Nath is busy sleeving his cards, father like son ^__^

I wasn't able to get a playmat for the game so I've let Nath have mine. I still don't know why it's so hard to get an official mat here in the UK without having to import it at an inflated price. I also put in the package six green d10 dice for tracking authority. It's far easier using dice than the supplied authority cards. I also like to describe the green dice as authority green.

After Nath had cleaned up his room (funny how having his girlfriend come round inspired him into doing house work!) I setup Tiny Epic Galaxy and went through the rules, and a couple of turns with him. The little taster was enough to get Nath interested. But for now it was pack it away so he could go pick up his girlfriend from the train station.

With introductions done, Nath introduced his girlfriend to Star Realms. With a little help in explaining the game to her, and helping with the first couple of turns I left them to play their first game together.

I think it is great that Nath likes the game so much that he wanted it for his birthday, and also to play it with his girlfriend.

It will be interesting to see if she enjoys the game too.


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