Mystery Tiles Solved

If like me you pre-ordered the 51st State Complete Master Set from Portal Games you would have received three mysterious tiles. There was no clue to what these tiles were, how they were used in the game, just a QR code on the back of them taking you to the Portal site where there was no information.

After contacting Portal I was told all would be revealed about these tiles on the day the game was released to the world, along with additional solo variant rules that the pre-order Kickstarter-like stretch goals had triggered.

This week the 51st State Complete Master Set hit the shelves of your FLGS ( or just plain LGS depending on what your local one is like, The Hobbit Hole is definitely the friendly kind).

And as promised Portal Games have put up PDF files with the solo variant rules, and rules for using these mysterious tiles. You should be able to go straight to the Portal website page with these on by clicking HERE.

On a slightly related story, the 8/6/16 or next Wednesday if you like, is the street date that the next Imperial Settlers expansion 3 is a Magic Number hits the shelves of your FLGS. And I was like WTF? It's the UK Games Expo this weekend, and I won't be able to buy it there, but have to order it three days later!!! Wow poor timing.


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