My Top Ten Variable Player Power Games

We have now reached my third favourite game mechanic (by number of times it appears in games in my collection).

Variable player powers. I certainly do like this mechanic. For starters it adds much needed replay-ability to a game. Unless you are going out of your way to play the same character/faction with the same abilities each game (assuming that is an option) then each game is different and requires different tactics. I also think having different characters/factions with that have different abilities makes the game better, and reinforce the theme of the game. If you look at Nations the Dice Game, it’s a great game, but despite each player being a different civilization, you really don’t feel that you are that civilization there is nothing unique about them to make you think “oh I’m the Egyptians”. To some extent I also think that about Kemet which I love. You don’t really feel that you are follows of a particular god.

So here are my Top 10 Games with the Variable Player Powers…

  1. (Top 100 position – 1) Scythe
  2. (Top 100 position – 2 ) T.I.M.E Stories
  3. (Top 100 position – 3 ) Star Wars: Destiny
  4. (Top 100 position – 8 ) Santorini
  5. (Top 100 position – 10) Neuroshima Hex!
  6. (Top 100 position – 12) Mechs vs. Minions
  7. (Top 100 position – 13) Android: Netrunner
  8. (Top 100 position – 18) Imperial Settlers
  9. (Top 100 position – 20) Zombicide
  10. (Top 100 position – 21) Run, Fight, or Die!

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