My Top 100 Games ’17: 90 – 81

Here we are with the second post covering my Top 100 Games. This time covering entries 91 – 80.

What’s interesting for me about this list is that three of them are games I backed on Kickstarter. There are five or six more games I think that I counted further up the list that I backed on Kickstarter. Plus there are others further up the list that had Kickstarter campaigns that I missed for some reason (probably money or I didn’t know about it at the time).

I might go back and add this next bit to the first post, but I am now also including the BGG Ranking for the game as well. Remember these rankings are the ranking of the game at the time the post was written. So if at some point in the future you read this post or the following ones and the ranking has changed, that’s why. The ranking was accurate at the time of writing.

Obviously there are a couple of games below where the BGG community like the games more than I do at this point in time.

Ok I can’t bore you anymore, here is the reason you are reading this post. Here are my Top 100 games for 2017 positions 90 to 81.

This is the ordering of the games:

90 – Thief’s Market (BGG Ranking: 1862)

89 – Pandemic (BGG Ranking: 62)

88 – Saloon Tycoon (BGG Ranking: 2004)

87 – House of Borgia (BGG Ranking: 4454)

86 – Tsuro (BGG Ranking: 720)

85 – Machi Koro (BGG Ranking: 639)

84 – Alhambra (BGG Ranking: 369)

83 – Eminent Domain (BGG Ranking: 377)

82 – Specter Ops (BGG Ranking: 328)

81 – Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (BGG Ranking: 25)

There you go that was 90-81, next post in the series will be 80 – 71.

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