My Top 100 Games ’17: 70 – 61

Welcome to the fourth installment of my Top 100 games 2017 edition. That makes it sound like I’ve done this before but I haven’t. This is the inaugural Top 100 list.

Looking at this list apart from one game (Inis) the rest are what would be considered to be on the lighter scale of the gaming spectrum.

As regular readers (must come up with a group name for you) will know I recently sold Inis. I like the game. I think it’s position mid table reflects that I do indeed like the game. However there are other games that are similar and higher up the table that I like more, and would hit the table before Inis. Hence why I got rid of it. I know it has gone to a good home and will get played (in fact it was played the night I sold it I believe).

Ok let’s get to the bit you are really interested in…
61 – Inis (BGG Ranking: 196 )
62 – Odin’s Ravens (second edition) (BGG Ranking: 1326 )
63 – Archer: Once You Go Blackmail… (BGG Ranking: 2049 )
64 – Pandemic: The Cure (BGG Ranking: 231 )
65 – Qwixx (BGG Ranking: 640 )
66 – Age of War (BGG Ranking: 1435 )
67 – Liar’s Dice (BGG Ranking: 517 )
68 – Colt Express (BGG Ranking: 264 )
69 – Qwirkle (BGG Ranking: 598 )
70 – Braggart (BGG Ranking: 2451 )

See you back here for 60 – 51.

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