My Top 100 Games ’17: 50 – 41

Here we are. Top 50 games.

Considering how popular Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 is on BGG, am I out of sync with the majority of the BGG community with it’s position in my list? Well I certainly enjoy the legacy version more than the “classic”. I think what sways it for the legacy version is the story element, the plot twists, the legacy side with your decisions having an impact that will come back and bite you possibly in future plays. But does it deserve to be the number one game? Obviously not in my opinion. But I would have said that before this exercise.

7 Wonders I don’t think that the BGG hive mind and myself are too out of sink. The rest of the list I seem to like the games more then they do.

Right lets get this party started and look at the games that just made it into the Top 50…
41 Castle Panic (BGG Ranking: 749 )
42 Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (BGG Ranking: 1 )
43 Splendor (BGG Ranking: 96  )
44 StarCraft: The Board Game (BGG Ranking: 307 )
45 7 Wonders (BGG Ranking: 37 )
46 BattleLore (Second Edition) (BGG Ranking: 115 )
47 Guilds of London (BGG Ranking: 1081 )
48 Epic Card Game (BGG Ranking: 1238  )
49 The Great Heartland Hauling Co. (BGG Ranking: 913 )
50 Dice City (BGG Ranking:  812 )

The finish line is getting nearer…

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