My Top 100 Games ’17: 10 – 1

The journey has been long…

I’ve written code (and debugged that code). I’ve done 12029 pairwise comparisons (yes that’s a lot). I’ve bored you ridged with the posts for positions 100 – 11. I’ve dragged this whole saga on for far longer than it should be. But it’s over now (well for this year anyway).

But we are finally here, my top ten games in my collection (that I’ve played) for 2017.
With Scythe and Kemet both being in my Top 10, and Cry Havoc in my Top 25, you can see why I let Inis go. I’d much rather play either of those three before Inis.

Wow two Stonemaier games (Scythe and  Viticulture Essential Edition) in my Top 5! Scythe was my game for 2016.

I would say that Scythe and Santorini are to date two of my biggest regrets that I didn’t back them on Kickstarter. These were definitely two games that lived up to the hype that they generated. The fact Scythe is still clocking up well deserved awards is a testimony to how strong the game is. Plus it’s BGG ranking is about right.

I definitely think that the app versions have helped the high placing of Star Realms and Neuroshima Hex! These are great games to play physically. But the apps for these two games are amazing. I normally have 20 odd games in the Star Realms app on the go at once. I just love playing the game.

I’m surprised by how many of the Top 10 are great two player games (Star Wars: DestinyStar RealmsSantorini,  Neuroshima Hex! and  7 Wonders Duel).

T.I.M.E. Stories I love. It’s the nearest you will get to playing a role playing game without it being a role playing game! It’s a blast to play.

Is the positioning of  Star Wars: Destiny cult of the new? 46 games of it this month. Dale and I are playing an awful lot of it.

I’m gobsmacked that the BGG hive mind and I both agree on the positioning of 7 Wonders Duel.

So for the last time this year here are the placings for my Top 10 games 2017 edition…
1 – Scythe (BGG Ranking: 7)
2 – T.I.M.E Stories (BGG Ranking: 33)
3 – Star Wars: Destiny (BGG Ranking: 255)
4 – Star Realms (BGG Ranking: 79)
5 – Viticulture Essential Edition (BGG Ranking: 34)
6 – Kemet (BGG Ranking: 71)
7 – Istanbul (BGG Ranking: 89)
8 – Santorini (BGG Ranking: 61)
9 – 7 Wonders Duel (BGG Ranking: 9)
10 – Neuroshima Hex! (BGG Ranking: 179)

Where next? Well there will be a 2018 edition for sure. I may port the Python code to iOS so I can do all this on my phone. The stats engine will definitely be worked on and new functionality added. I want to be able to look at my collection by game weight, also by best player count. I have to debug my code for the BGG Top 100 comparison, so that is working correctly. It would help if BGG actually gave me a nice api call for that, instead of forcing me to screen scrap the page. Which I might have to do for the game weight and best player count also.

Same time,same place next year? See you then.

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