My Star Wars: Destiny Card Pool

This page now lists the cards that I don’t have for the Star Wars: Destiny collectible game. It’s a much much shorter list now.

Naturally I’m after a complete “play” set. Which is different to a complete set. A complete set is one of everything. Whilst a “play” set is two of every card excluding the battlefields (which you only need one of). However one or two cards you need more than two, just for the dice. For example Krennick if you have control of the battlefield allows you to roll in a Death Trooper die. So a third copy is handy to have. Then if you are playing two Death Troopers with Training on both, they become elite and get a second dice each. So that’s four dice. And that holds true for any non-unique red character.

Oh the reason two copies for the majority of the cards. When building decks for Destiny you can have upto two copies of a card in your deck. And for elite versions of elite characters you need two dice (so need that second copy to get that second die).


42 – One with the Force x 1