My second prerelease pack ever, without going to one!

Within days of my first post about opening my first ever prerelease pack we are looking at my second one. This time it’s the Amonkhet prerelease pack.

This prerelease comes with the standard components.

  • Leaflet on how to build a deck from the packs in this prerelease pack.
  • A life spin down die
  • A promo card
  • A card of challenges tied in with the prerelease event.
  • 6 Amonkhet booster packs

So what were my pulls from the 6 Amonkhet boosters?

  • 1 Legendary Creature – God Rhonas the Indomitable 
  • 2 Foils (one creature, one land)

Whether any of the other cards are any good or worth mentioning who knows? There are some I’d love in my league deck. But sadly they can never be. 

So I think these 6 boosters edged it over the Hour of Devastation prerelease pack ones. Mainly because of the Legendary creature. Each legendary creature for me is another potential commander for any commander deck I get round to building. 

Here’s the promo I got.

I’d love to know if anyone has ever played this and won. It’s not a cheap card to play. 

So that’s it for my prerelease packs for the time being. Maybe I’ll track some more down to crack open next month. 

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