My Game of the Year is…tbd

On the Fenland Gamer facebook page there was a brief discussion about what our personal game of the year would be.

Despite ten months of the year gone, I still feel that it’s too soon for me to be making that decision. I still have some games that I want to play before the year has finished.

For starters I have Scythe just arrived, Kemet is in the postal system, Lunarchitects has entered the postal system, Hero Realms is due to be posted to me any day now.

I’ve pre-ordered Cry Havoc. I want to get Robinson Crusoe (funds permitting). This next one is a long shot but I may even see The Others before Christmas. Jonathan has a couple of games he wants to get to the table.

Plus some of the games in my pile of shame may also make it to the table.

So as you can see there is still potential game of the year candidates to hit the table.

I do know that I will be choosing my game of the year from the short list created from my game of the month that I chose surprisingly enough each month!

Sadly I only started awarding that back in March so I will have to go back and look at what games I played in January and February and choose a winner for those months.

By awarding a game of the month, I have done a lot of the work already in narrowing down the field for my game of the year. I do know that it won’t be easy picking a winner from that short list. There are some pretty awesome games there.

So have you chosen your game of the year already?

One thought on “My Game of the Year is…tbd

  1. Yes, my GotY as you know is The Voyages of Marco Polo. I don’t think I’ll see this being toppled by the year’s end.

    Robinson Crusoe is a game that is far too fiddly IMO. I had it for several months before trading it away.

    Kemet is a game that I am not all that interested in playing. I checked out the game as I’d heard good things but it’s just not doing it for me at all.

    I’m only mildly interested in Scythe. I could be good, but I’m put off a little by its theme.

    Lunarchitects should be good as it’s Glen More (but unfortunately set in space).

    Hero Realms? Oh dear, yet another deckbuilder (with a flippin’ fantasy theme) 🙁

    Despite the high praise, Cry Havoc just is not interesting to me, simply because of the science fiction world it’s set in.

    I’m more of a ‘trading in the Mediterranean’ person. The fantasy and sci-fi themes are just not interesting to me.

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