My first game played in 2018 was…

[queue drum roll] and this will surprise everyone (not)…

Yep Magic the Gathering. Despite recent posts and the hypnotic train wreck that is going on, my first game played in 2018 was this game that everyone seems to be fighting for the heart and soul of!

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise really. Although I like the idea of solo games, and have a few that are either solo games or can be played solo, I’m too lazy to actually play them solo. That’s not to say I haven’t played a solo game, it’s just not something I do on a regular basis. Which explains why on New Year’s Day I wasn’t playing something different to Magic the Gathering as my first game of 2018. My first gaming chance was going to be at work with the students. They were back Wednesday, as were the enrichment sessions I run. Returning students had received Magic products over Christmas of one form or another, and had built new decks as a result. Naturally they wanted to play with those new decks. So the enrichment session was a try our new decks session. While my “Death and Taxes” deck did well against most of the decks, it got destroyed by a black zombie deck that played two different Liliana planeswalkers and a Vraska (Sp?) planeswalker, that if allowed to do their ultimates destroyed me. Sadly I had no answer for them, or the deadly destroy all lands card he’d play just before firing off those ultimates.

I did throw together an initial blue/black control deck to play against Justin and some decks he had built last night. The deck is in development. It’s built to show the infinite loop to the students. However it can also be a mill deck if needed as a alternative win condition. So now I have two decks in development.

Tonight will be my first opportunity to play a non-magic related game, plus there are two events planned for the weekend that are non-magic related. So by Monday the gaming stats will be taking off and showing more than just Magic played.

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