My First Fenland Gamers Meet

Last night saw me attend my first Fenland Gamers night in Wisbech.

The evening of gaming started off with a game of Sushi Go. I think we know my views of the game. For the record I love it. None of the others had played the game before, so they had to endure me teaching them the game.

We then moved onto a new game for me the worker placement game Gluck Auf.

Ok I lost the game but I had a great time playing it. I only came last by four points. But wow I liked the game. Our host and founding member had blinged out the game by replacing the paper money with poker chips. Which is something I think I'd do too if/when I get a copy.

Basically in Gluck Auf you are a pit boss bringing coal up from the mines to fulfil orders. I like the fact that if an action spot has already been selected that you can still use it, however to do so requires you to spend one more worker than is on the action you want to do. Ok I love this, it means you can tactically push up the cost of an action to drain opponents resources.

The game is played over three rounds, with scoring taking part at the end of each round. A round ends when everyone has no more workers to place.

Another cool mechanic is that at the end of the third and final round when scoring if your tableau is not balanced (equal number of tiles each side of the tableau) you get negative points. If you have incomplete orders you get negative points.

Ok yes this has been added to the wish list.

The final game of the evening for me was a game of Pandemic the Cure.

I'm sorry to report once more the team assembled to save the world from the viral oblivion were not up to the job, and mankind was wiped out.

I had a really great time, the group made me feel really welcome. I'm really looking forward to the next meet up which I believe is this Saturday.

You can find Fenland Gamers on Facebook and the Interweb.


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