My failed weekend

If you are a geek/nerd of any kind you can’t have missed all the coverage of the annual geekfest known as Comic Con held at San Diego this weekend.

This is the place all the areas of geek culture such as comics,movies,tv, collectables, toys, cosplay gather to celebrate all things geeky.

In reality it’s a load of media companies vying for attention and approval of what at best be described as desperately needy fanatical geeks.

To grab that all important stamp of approval and get that oh so important buzz for whatever “product” they are whoring out at the con. The marketing departments enter into a geek version of an arms race, dragging out actors (the bigger the name the better) from the shows/movies to perform like dancing bears on stage in the form of panels. They also have “exclusive” clips for those lucky enough to get into the packed hall to see the performing actors. Which somehow find their way onto the Internet afterwards, either officially or unofficially.

If comic book guy from the Simpsons died this is the heaven he would go to.

Due to my weekend getting totally borked. I ended up not seeing Nath (that’s next weekend now), missing the Imperial Assault organised play at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole, and sitting in front of my TV with the fan on watching Comic Con coverage between episodes of Deep Space Nine on Netflix. It got so bad that when I was buying tickets for the opening night of Suicide Squad yesterday, I bought a ticket for Star Trek Beyond for this morning.

I have to say there have been some great trailers for movies coming out. And yes the Suicide Squad ones are getting me excited despite that awful looking Joker.

The teasers for Wonder Woman, and Justice League looked good. I particularly liked the Justice League one.

The trailers/teasers for the upcoming Netflix Marvel shows look awesome. Not long for Luke Cage, the Defenders didn’t show much, but the Iron Fist gave a first look but no clue to the tone. It was confirmed Daredevil series three and a Punisher series.

Love the look of Dr Strange in the new trailer, which now starts to show the use of magic. Captain Marvel had its casting announced for the titler character of Brie Larson, and it’s logo revealed. 

Love the trailers for the returning DC tv series, like Arrow, The Flash.

There were some “sizzle reels” (read we haven’t finished the movie yet, but needed something to show you so we can build buzz) shown for the likes of Guardians of the Universe volume two.

Even despite all that riveting coverage of companies going “me,me,pick me” I did make it out in this excessive heat not only to see the new Star Trek, but also to Costa to enjoy a caramel latte cooler, and a read of the latest Retro Gamer with a slice of cake. 

So that was my weekend, no gaming, lots of geeky stuff.

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