My Current Top 9 Played Games

Like a virus or allegedly funny meme the hashtag #mytop9boardgames is doing the rounds on social media.

So jumping on the bandwagon in a way. Here are my current top nine played games since I began recording game plays.

I chose to use my top played games because it’s measurable and I can explain why they are there. 

Once the pairwise comparison ranking has completed I’ll be able to do this list and then tell you where they fit in my rankings. Plus I’ll be able to do my #mytop9boardgames and know that they are exactly that, and the list is not entirely subjective and potentially influenced by what I’ve just bought and playing.

I am curious to see where these nine games end up in the rankings. I suspect they will end up being high up in the list. I’m calling it all top twenty. 

So what are your top nine played games?

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