My Current Addiction

If we include app versions of the game my most played game of the year is clearly by a long shot Star Realms.

There are some great app versions of boardgames out there. Sometimes I'll get the app version before getting the physical version to see if I like the game. Then other times I will get the app version so I can learn the basics of the game before actually getting to play the game in real life. Plus the app allows me to game when I wouldn't be able to, whether it's against an opponent online or the built in AI.

Regular readers know that recently I got Neuroshima Hex and four of the army expansions for it, with a fifth promo army in the post somewhere. But I haven't got the game to the table yet (Gav we need to arrange a time and place). So in the meantime I got the app and have been playing that.

The app is pretty awesome. I've been playing the quick game option against the easy AI. This gives me a random army each time I play a game against a random army on the opponents side. I like this because it means I get experience playing all the armies, against all the armies. Although the Vegas army is one I'm not having much success with.

I have to admit the easy AI is giving me a pretty good challenge. But I can't wait to get the game to the table also. But in the meantime this is scratching the itch to play.

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