My Click Bait Two Player Games For Valentines Day

Within the boardgame world you will start to see posts (written and video) and forum threads about two player games couples can play on 14th February or Valentines Day as it is more commonly known.

Boring! Another cliched trope, that I’m bored with. 

All you need if you are set on the idea of playing games with your partner on Valentines Day is your own common sense. Oh and the desire to crush your partner.

Yep play a game where you can destroy them, and shout angry lines at them like “in your face!” or “that’s two to the face”. 

Star Realms and now it’s fantasy version Hero Realms are fantastic for this. Inexpensive, quick to learn and play, these deck builders are great fun. But very in your face. And there is nothing more satisfying than pulling off those combos and smacking your loved one for lots of damage to their health/authority.

In fact White Wizard Games publish another game if you want that more Magic the Gathering experience called Epic Card Game. Epic is a little bit more complicated, but does offer more variety in play modes. It’s still inexpensive, and unlike Magic you are playing with big feck off monsters straight from turn one.

Mind you, you could go for Magic Duel decks if you want that exact Magic experience. These come as two decks, that are “balanced”. They save you the time of deck construction, and the expense of having lots of Magic cards.

I have two more for you that continue the true theme of Valentines Day of crushing your partner, before having angry make up nookie.

Next up Kemet. Such an aggressive game. It’s attack, attack, attack. Ancient Egypt hasn’t been more violent. Yes like the next game, isn’t a pure two player game. But is still fun as a two player game. 

Finally play as giant monsters duking it out over who is King of Tokyo. Such a fun game. Not too expensive, less than £30 iirc. Quick to setup, learn and play. Rolling those claws and laying the smackdown down on your opponent. So satisfying. Plus it’s the law that you have to shout aggressively “in your face!”

Well that’s my click bait recommendations for you to play on one of the most fake and commercial days of the year. Seriously why the feck are you thinking of just playing games with your partner on this cheesy day? Why aren’t you doing it all year round? Spend that “quality” time with them. Ask them what they want to do, find out what their favourite game is and play that instead of listening to me and other internet folks.

But hey if you are crazy enough to listen to me, don’t blame me if your evening ends up as one big train wreck.

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