MtG Gift Pack 2017

With a rrp of £19.99 is the MtG Gift Pack 2017 good value for your hard earned pennies?

So what do we get for our money?

  • 3 boosters ( one each from Ixalan, Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation)
  • A spindown life counter
  • 2 foil creature cards
  • 5 foil basic land cards by the artist Mark Poole
  • A poster

With 3 boosters at my FLGS costing a tenner, a spindown life counter approx £2. Is the other stuff worth £8? I think converting the dollar price Cardkingdom price them at, the two foil creatures might get you maybe £4 if you are lucky. Not sure what you’d get for the foil basic lands. I think at best £2. The poster is nice but would I have bought it outside of the gift pack? I’m struggling to justify that the Foils and poster are worth that £8.

I think Chandra is my favourite Planeswalker. So to see the cool image of her on the front of the box makes me happy.

If it wasn’t for the poster this could have been in a smaller box. It’s mostly packaging. Nice packaging, but still something that will go in the recycle bin.

Despite putting my favourite Planeswalker on the front I don’t think that this Gift Pack offers value for money. Although if I had been given one under the Christmas tree or as a birthday present I wouldn’t be unhappy. But I think the Planeswalker decks offer better value, and would be a better gift.

These are the rares that I pulled from the three boosters:

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