More Survivors

Continuing on from yesterday's Zombicide survivor fest I've made a visit to the top secret location to get more pictures of the Zombicide survivors that are in the witness protection program.

Seth or Mr Liam “I only play the one role these days” Nilson. A great looking sculpt, that for me captures Liam's character from Taken. Sadly it also captures every bloody role he has had in a movie since also. Not sure I could play Seth, the pain of having to think of all those derivitive roles deluting the memory of a good movie. It's just too painful. Seth will stay in the witness protection program.

I was a House fan, although that final season was a bit of a slog to get through. Now I'd like to say that this sculpt captures the House character really well. But that would be a lie, in my opinion it captures the over the edge, lost his mind with anger side amazingly well. You can definitely see House going a bit insane with a baseball bat busting zombie heads.

Yes I would consider myself a Big Bang Theory fan despite its stereotyping of geeks for comedic effect. Kabir below is the Zombicide characture of Raj. There are other Big Bang Theory characters charactured in Zombicide, and those that I have will be covered in another post. Ok I admit it I will be playing scenarios where the Big Bang Theory gang have to fight for survival.

What red blooded teenage boy didn't have a crush on Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazard during the late seventies early eighties? Not sure I'd play Cat that much but it sure was great bringing back those teen memories.

I know at least one friend who will love playing this character. Spencer is the sculpt representing Walter White from the Breaking Bad TV series. A very cool looking sculpt. I'll have to look what other characters they do and see if there is a themed team I can put together.

Finally we have Yuri who is meant to be Keither Sutherland as Jack Bauer from 24 I think. I like this sculpt a lot, and I think Yuri will be used a few times.

So there we have it for this witness protection update. I hope you have enjoyed this look at some of the figures I got with the third kickstarter. Sadly the kickstarter is usually the only place these can be picked up at a normal price. Otherwise it's paying the inflated and they are very inflated prices of eBay.


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