More Firefighters

Today saw the arrival of some more firefighter lego minifigs.

So white helmets instead of black (which the other firemen had). Just a single axe, not an issue I can pick fire fighting equipment up easily enough from the usual sites I get custom minifig bits from. I like the flames a lot. I'm glad they are there. They look cool, and the fact there is a sum one has given me an idea. These could replace the fire bits in Flash Point. The smaller flame the heat spot, and the bigger flame the actual fire. And I think I've an idea for the smoke,based on the way Lego did smoke on the mountain hut set I have. I think this would/will add a cool 3D element to the games playing area.
Oh wait I can use regular minifig characters to represent the victims being rescued once they have been located in the burning building.
Flash Point: Fire Rescue Lego Edition has a nice ring to it. If they ever bring this out you saw the idea here first.


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