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Trading. Trading games specifically is hard for me. Which game am I prepared to sacrifice from my collection to gain another to add to it. My first time trading was ok, it didn't require too big a sacrifice. However this time the sacrifice was bigger. Ok I didn't blink, or pause to think when I agreed to it, up for grabs was a grail game for me the English language version of Glen More. All I had to do was sacrifice Viva Java the coffee game the dice game for it. Not one I want to lose from the collection, but then again easier to replace than to buy Glen More in English. So the decision was a no brainer, the deal done, Wednesday I took delivery of the game from Matt when we played Pandemic Legacy.
It's dangerous being in the “candy store” for a tournament, that's why the third and final set of the Epic Tyrants expansions ended up leaving with me.
Why three copies? Well I have three copies of the game, so to be able to play all three copies as an Epic cube…
7 Wonders has a two player variant that according to popular opinion isn't upto much. Sooo I'm kinda not likely to try playing the game with Nathan unless we can get a third player. Which is why the highly rated two player game 7 Wonders Duel has been on my radar since coming out to rave reviews. It's a smallish box, fits in my bag, I get a discount, “how did that get in my bag too?”

The next item although a welcome addition to the game Legendary, the expansion I want is the cards like Howard the Duck that came out last year in the 3D card packs they did in the US.

Oh and for the record I am a Cap fan, so more Cap is always good for me.


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