Minifig Hipster the Final Post

So after a little consultation (mainly with the inspiration for this minifig) I have settled on the hat for the figure. Which means I am glad to present in all its glory the hipster minifig.

Below I've broken the figure back down to its parts so you can see what makes the completed figure.

Last night at a local quiz night I presented the finished figure to my friend.

So in the picture below we have the hipster minifig with the inspiration for its creation. I think you will agree I have managed to capture the essence of my friend and being a hipster (something my friend denies being vehemently. Although our response is always “well a hipster would say that wouldn't they”, it's a discussion he can't win ^_^ ) in the figure. The bottom half of the photo also shows another gift for my friend that continues the hipster theme. Yep a hipster dice from Steve Jackson Games. Ok picking up the hipster dice cost me an unplanned £12 buying a used PS1 along with a copy of Command and Conquer Red Alert. But I'm sure I'll write about that another day.

I've really enjoyed creating the hipster minifig. It's been fun finding the right parts, and I got lucky that there was no need to create my own custom parts. But that is something I am looking forward to having to do at some point.
My next minifig project is creating two hiking minifigs to represent two of my friends who will be hiking across Scotland in May on the TGO Challenge. I've already been collecting some bits for this next project. But I will go into more detail about it all in a future post.


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