Midweek waffle 

Kinda excited Nath is coming to stay for a couple of days.

How kind have the postal gods been to me so far? 

Well the playmat for the Tiny Epic Galaxies expansion, Beyond the Black arrived yesterday. So one down, two to go. 

A new Amonkhet booster box arrived this morning along with some card sleeves, some more deck boxes, and a couple of life countdown dice, ready for the next league day. Oh almost forgot I also got a two player playmat to use as well. But I can use that at work also.

Yesterday I took delivery of some more Zombicide figures. Which means I now have 72 survivors for the game plus the companion dogs. It also means if I wanted to be a completionist I’m 45 survivors short (that’s counting ultimate versions as separate characters to get). More importantly now I have Dave the Geek and Will the Game Designer (thanks Scott) I can run a Big Bang Theory themed scenario using all the characters from the show.

Right I’m off to file those survivors away.

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