Meaty Game Saturday

If I can (and I’ve said this before) I like to arrive early and set up. So that once the other players (Jeff and Diego in the case of yesterday afternoon)  arrive we can start playing straight away. 

Yesterday we were playing in the function room due to a third birthday party taking over our regular spot. I don’t envy those parents having to entertain kids that age.

So safely out the way we randomly selected our player boards and faction boards for Scythe.

This was Jeffs and mine third game of Scythe, Diegos first. But our first three player game.

An hour and a half or so is all it took for Diego to win. Which is nothing for a game like this. Plus the time just flies by.

But Jeff and I still really like Scythe. And now Diego has joined the fan club. 

Our second game was Cry Havoc.

We were still referring to the rule book for our second game of this. But this was a far better experience than the first game. 

With a couple of rules now played correctly, the aid of the faction tactics advice printed off the Portal site, this felt a lot better. It seemed we were using our factions to their abilities better. 

But despite this Jeff and I still lost to Diego. 

It’s so nice to get these meatier games to the table. And I’m fortunate that I have such great folks to play these games with, and a place we can play them.

A great afternoon gaming. Despite not winning for the majority of the games I felt I was in with a shot of winning. In fact it was only in the last round and a third in Cry Havoc that Jeff took me out of the running I think.

Can’t wait until Wednesday now for our monthly meet up and Rogue One.

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