May 2016 By The Numbers

So a new month, time to reflect on my stats for the month of May.

May has been a pretty good month for gaming. I took part in my first Netrunner organised play at The Hobbit Hole, which was great fun. I'm in the process of organising an Ashes event with the official op kits (now on their way). But look at that massive fifty plays I had for May. I didn't think I'd beat the March total for a while.

Two more games disappeared off the pile of shame (Eight Minute Empire Legends, and Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game), and another got back to the table after nearly a year from trying it with Nath (Nations the Dice Game). Plus I got to play six new games. Two of them got added to the collection, and one was mine that I had just bought.

Let's look at the graph for the over all trend.

My Game of the Month

I think on reflection this would have been a choice between two games Traders of Osaka and Bohemian Villages at the start of the month when I first played them. However there is only one clear winner, and it will come as no surprise, Bohemian Villages is my game of May. Jonathan and I LOVE this game. When we go to gaming sessions its in our bags ready to be pulled out. It's our go to game at the moment.

This really is a great little gem of a game, deserves a lot more love, but with none existent coverage in the gaming media its remaining under everyone's radar.

Worst Game of the Month

I am very happy to say that this month there are no candidates for this award. Even my experience of Agricola was pleasant.


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