Magic Batman

This afternoon saw me at my FLGS The Hobbit Hole. I'd promised to let the owners daughter play Magic a The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers after she saw it being played the other weekend. It's important that you keep your word to little people.

Despite getting some hits in taking out some creatures, I still got beaten. When it came to doing the defensive rolls I seemed to be rolling like Jonathan does in Memoir and Battlelore, badly!

I can see the owner getting some pressure to get a copy! Which he had admitted he was getting a little bit of over Love Letter. I'd introduced his daughter to the game the other night at the Warlords gaming meet. Apparently the is idea he sells me stuff, not me introduce his daughter to games that he then has to buy. Oops ^__^

After being defeated at Arena of the Planeswalkers we had a game of Batman Love Letter. Being a two player game, we played first to eight points. Which I won with a massive nine points to three. I scored two at the end to get the win (that's guessing the other players card with a Batman card).

It was a fun afternoon.

And I'm back Monday for a painting workshop being held at the store.

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