Lego Minifig Arrivals 13 Feb

Wow I've just realised what today's date is and what arrived today. The first picture gives it away. However Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees arrived today from These are two custom minifigs that they sell of the popular horror movie “stars”. I wasn't expecting these two figures for another couple of weeks because they warn you that there is a 2-3 week turn around on these types of figures because they are made to order. It's apt that they arrived today because it's Friday the 13th, and Jason is the star/pyscho of that movie franchise. Well guess what I'm watching later to celebrate the date. I think have done a great job with these figures. I didn't see any point in trying to create my own for them. Although for Jason I think a detachable ice hockey mask would improve it. But I still really like what they have done just using decals.

Also the above photo shows the “not a robot” sheriff from The Lego movie, sporting that amazing Tombstone tash that I like, plus a generic cowboy/bandit. These will be used when playing Bang the Dice Game.

I also got from some accessories and parts to complete my own custom figures, and bits to be used in the sets or I believe in the lego community they are called vignettes. So as the photo below shows I have now completed the lecturer minifig of me complete with coffee mug and pen. To the blogger minifig of me I've added the satchel and camera.

Finally I was able to complete the backpacker. Now I know Lego do a backpacker in one of the sets, but the upper torso of that was plain if I remember correctly. And this one from was way better, plus the head was not bearded on the official one. I do like how mine has come together.

Finally I just wanted to show the delightful little “matchbook” style boxes that Jason and Michael came in from

I must start work on making the vignettes next, but I do have one or two custom figures I want to make as gifts. I will have to see how the mood takes me and in what direction!


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