Late Arrivals and Future Plans

I have been meaning to do a new arrivals post for a while. Having put it off for so long or not doing it regularly it now looks like I have an addiction and need an intervention.
So here is a quick photo that shows everything since August (I think). The only thing really missing from the photo are the two gravity feeds I bought for Dicemasters (one for Avengers vs X-Men, and one for Uncanny X-Men) and some individual boosters and cards that were also purchased for Dicemasters.

When I put everything together like this it looks a lot ( no really) and as I have admitted already some I haven't played at all yet, and are on the “pile of shame”. But they will be played. It's just Nath and I are working our way through the pile. You've seen the planned list of games we will be playing over Christmas in a previous post. Maybe I should expand my social circle and get some local friends to play with.
I will try and be more regular with the new arrivals posts, and write a bit about why I got them. I also want to add in those posts unboxing videos. This will sound bad I could do some unboxing videos for this stuff as I haven't opened them yet, but the reasons for that are too personal for on here. Close friends and family will know why.

Future plans

So as you can see I have a lot to play! And also to write about. However there are two expansions for Marvel Legendary in the postal system at the moment along with a Dicemasters super rare card and a Tokaido promo card. Plus I already have plans for January that include getting the last Marvel Legendary expansion that I need, getting the Harbour expansion for Machi Koro and the Crossroads expansion for Tokaido. New games! I'm trying to decide between Battlelore Second Edition, D-Day Dice and Pandemic the Cure. February (yes I've planned that far ahead) will see the expansions for Imperial Assualt. End of February, early March will see the arrival of Zombicide Season 3 from the kickstarter I backed. So March will see me getting Prison Outbreak, and the 2 dog expansions to complete the Zombicide set. Which means when Easter hits Nath and I will be playing a massive Zombicide campaign. At some point at the start of next year there is also the scum and villiany ships for X-Wing hitting and Star Wars Armada, along with more Dicemasters sets (there are a couple I'm not bothered about). Plus July time the reboot of the RPG Paranoia that I backed on Kickstarter is due out. 2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year gaming wise just on the expansions front, let alone any new games that get released.
Some of you may already of come across these already but from time to time there are videos of the Dicemasters games I play on Google Hangouts on Air going up on my YouTube channel. Next year I want to add to these videos with play throughs of some of the games I have. Whether they are solo play throughs of Marvel Legendary, Flash Point or one of the other games I can play solo to some of the games I play with Nath.
I also want to get out more to my local game store to play X-Wing, Imperial Assault, take part in more of the organised play. This year for same reasons above I've not been able to take part in some of the Dicemasters organised play that has happened the last couple of months.

Wrap Up

I know I've deviated a bit in this post, and not written about the new arrivals. But they will be looked at in more depth in separate posts about each of them. I'm hoping the future plans have been found interesting and maybe given you an idea or two for the next game or expansion to get. If you have any comments,suggestions, advice leave them in the comments below.


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