Last weeks new stuff weekending 7May16

The week started off with a Kickstarter project I had backed finally arriving. Although not about boardgames, it's about video games, specifically ones from the eighties and an amazing software house called Hewson.
The book was written by Andrew Hewson, who over came health issues to finish this book about his time in the UK games industry running one of the top video game companies in the country. Hewson put out some really great games like Paradroid, Uridium and Gibbly's Day Out. So I'm super stoked this has arrived. I really enjoy reading about the stories behind some of my favourite games back in the day.
The next new arrival I had totally forgotten had been ordered (way back in November if I'm remembering it right). So it was a complete surprise when it turns up. I just wasn't expecting it. My friend William said he had received an email that he was getting his, but I saw nothing warning me of its imminent arrival. Have to admit it was a rather nice surprise.
With its arrival it also acts as a pleasant reminder I do need to get Zombicide back to the table.
Way back on this blog I had a rant about why companies didn't release official playmats for their games. I think I even used Splendor as an example.
Even with there being an official mat to buy, it's not easy to get hold of. But with the interweb making borders irrelevant this one winged it's way from somewhere in the EU (can't remember where).
I do like the design of the official mat, it has some nice little touches that aid setup.
I have to admit I do prefer the look of the unofficial one I had made using a design I got off bgg if memory serves me right. Which now has a new home.

But boy is the official mat heavy! The heaviest one I have come across. It's thicker in depth, and has a larger play area.

Now I have the urge to play Splendor again…

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