Last Minute Arrivals for the Christmas Holidays

So new arrivals post again!


With me planning to hold a Pandemic Party before the end of January I got in Pandemic the Cure. Which gives me a copy of Pandemic and the new arrival to use for the party. I've actually played a couple of games of Pandemic the Cure as solo games since getting it. It's a blast as a solo game it really is and I'm looking forward to playing it with Nath as the co-operative game it is over Christmas. I do have to apologise though in the two games I've played and even though they were on the Intro level (ie easy) I failed to save the planet from the pandemic wiping out mankind.

I'd also seen good things about Ghost Stories as both a solo game and co-operative game. It's meant to be super hard to win. But it's sitting in the collection ready to play with Nath and as a solo game now. I'm taking it with me when I visit Nath over Christmas but I think we will be lucky if we get to it, well you have seen the list of games I'm taking already. We have a LOT to get through.

As a teenager I had a set of poker dice, which have got lost over the years. So I bought a new set. Mainly as a quick game to play with friends. To go with this I also got the book Dice Games Properly Explained by Reiner Knizia. 150 dice games covered, but not just described but also strategies for winning them. I like the chapter on probability. Oh Reiner Knizia created one of my fav two player games Lost Cities, and is some sort of game design legend.

Sadly for me the Harbour expansion for Machi Koro sold out on Amazon. So that will be a priority in the new year to track this down. However I have got the Crossroads expansion for Tokaido. This adds a bit more depth to the game and gambling! So although the plan is just to play the base game with Nath, we will hopefully have time to play the game with this expansion too.

I now also have all the expansions for Marvel Legendary because since the last post the Paint the Town Red expansion (Spider-man), the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion and Fantastic Four expansions have arrived. Which means I have an incredible amount of combinations of heroes to play with to try and stop a wide variety of evil schemes from some diabolical evil master minds. The hardest part will be deciding who to play and against whom. Luckily there are a couple of apps that can randomly generate scenarios for you to play. I know Villians can be used with Legendary but I'm viewing it as a separate game and not an expansion. And now I have all the expansions for Legendary it's going to be a while before I'm going to want to buy Villians. So that is dropping down the wish list.

A Wish List Discussion

Talking of wishes lists, on Facebook a friend posted a couple of things on his wish list. One of them was the Walking Dead Monopoly game. I'm not a fan of Monopoly did it too death as a kid, and I don't think it's a very good game. Obviously I may be in a minority with this point of view, because it's age and popularity over the years shows others disagree with me. However that's a conversation for another day. The point is I replied saying that there are better Walking Dead themed games out there than a reskinned version of Monopoly (I could argue this as a point of contention too the constant reskinning of the same tired game, but the likes of Love Letter are doing exactly the same!) that capture the comic book/tv series. So I pointed him to the relevant Amazon pages. I then continued with some other zombie themed games that may of been of interest if he liked zombie themed games, such as Zombie 15, “Run,Fight,Die”, Last Night on Earth and Zombie Dice. The first two are very high up on my wish list, while I have Zombie Dice already. Why didn't I mention Zombicide? I did, but I already knew that my friend had looked at the game and thought it expensive. I agree it is expensive compared to most games, however it is a miniatures game, and the quality of the models and components like game board pieces etc are very high, and justify the price of the game. Besides if you shop around you can normally save a little off the rrp. Oh and I also mentioned Dead of Winter, however the zombie side of the game isn't as strong as the others, for me Dead of Winter is more a survival post apocalyptic themed game where zombies are just one of the hazards you have to survive. Have I missed a great zombie game? Let me know in the comments below.

Our discussion then turned quickly onto X-Wing and what models we had and what we were after. My friend has just got into X-Wing, I did warn him. It is an addictive game, not just because it is a great game but because it has great models to collect! Which when not being used in games, look great on display.

So I hope you have enjoyed this post, any comments, suggestions of expansions to get, let me know in the comments below.



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