Landing next week 8th March

It's that time once more for me to tell you about stuff coming out next week that has caught my eye. You know what I'm into and what I like by now. So the the stuff I highlight shouldn't be a surprise.

At last the Star Realms expansions are finally hitting our stores. I need to get Colony Wars, having given Nath my copy at Christmas. Mixing it in with the base game gives a massive pile of cards to play with. Which reminds me I need to source more of the official card sleeves for Nath and myself. Esdevium need to get those in along with the playmats.

Next up Pandemic Legacy is being restocked. If you haven't got it yet, you MUST. It's an awesome game. It doesn't matter which one you get, they are the same, except for the box colour.

Finally the new draft set for Netrunner splashes down. I think they have pitched the price of the two draft decks a tad high.

The second D&D Dicemasters set also hits the stores, but I've opted out of the whole Dicemasters thing because of their release schedule. I still like the game, just not the way Wizkids are doing it.


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