Just chewing the fat…

Today is Ashes Tuesday. I declared it that when I knew that the new Ashes expansions would be delivered today by DHL.

But it got me thinking there is Friday Night Magic or FNM for the weekly playing of Magic at the LGS. A while back I came up with Skirmish Saturday for playing Imperial Assault skirmish games. However it could be for any skirmish style game. It would have been cool if that had caught on.

Ashes Tuesday is a thing that might have legs. Run it like a FNM evening for the Ashes community.

I've been trying to think of something catchy for Android Netrunner. Could the Android community steal Cyber Monday from the marketing demons?

Epic the card game is crying out for similar evening. Luckily sticking Epic in front of any day of the week sounds good.

Having these themed evenings as Magic has shown is great for growing the community of a game. And a growing community means more people playing the game, and these types of games need people playing them. A healthy community means also your LGS being able to run tournaments and getting in OP kits.

Are there games you really like that could do with a cool name for the night it is played? What about Dice Masters (which I found out today has its first banned card! Which may or may not be a temporary thing), or Mage Wars?

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