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Today this little deckbuilding game arrived. The collapsing pyramid mechanic sounded intriguing, especially when I know that the two player Seven Wonders: Duals game will also use a pyramid (although not collapsing). So I wanted to be able compare both and see which mechanic I preferred, maybe they are both awesome! There is also an expansion coming out for this game later this year too! And we all know what a sucker I am for getting expansions for my games.

Here is the contents of the box artistically arranged for you to see.

So now I just need to add a friend or two and get this to the table from the pile of shame it has just joined. Mind you it is in really great company on that pile. I have to admit it, but my pile of shame is awesome!

Ashes Rise of the Pheonix Born

I've got fed up waiting for this beautiful looking game to hit the UK (not even mentioned on Amazon yet!) So I've caved and ordered the game from the Plaid Hat Games website.

I like the fact Plaid Hat give me the option on postage, a choice between UPS (costing more than the game) or standard at a much more reasonable and affordable fifteen dollars.

So I'm now crossing my fingers that because of my thriftiness (cheapness) that the game will arrive before the bank holiday weekend. What's so important about that weekend? I'm back down visiting Nath that weekend.

In the meantime I have an NBN corp deck to work on. I'm going to call it “Tag you are it” (I thought yesterday's post title would be a great name for a NBN deck built around tagging and screwing around with the runner).


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