I’m the Guild Master

Last night saw Debbie, Jonathan and myself manipulating the little people to try and become the Guild Master (TMG why isn’t there one of those social media bragging cards in this game?)

I’d not long gotten over my battle trauma from watching the brutal episode that was episode nine of A Game of Thrones. 

For me our game had started while we were setting up. I took seven points off the table straight away by picking the side of the Beagle card that gave guild cards instead of that massive point boost.

My guild card was going to give me a bonus based on how many livery men I had in the guild hall at the end. So I needed to make sure I bought more livery men.

Jonathan as I did in our first game took an early lead playing instant point cards and held that lead until the last two turns.

While the other two were building up to take over guilds I took an early two point guild unchallenged, grabbed five out of the six neutral livery men. Initially I was going to be very aggressive with these, but a guild card put an end to that when it gave me a point for each one I had at the end. So I was just going to sit on them.

This was to work to my advantage because Jonathan started to over commit livery workers to try and win guilds, just incase I used the neutral livery men to deny him.

It even worried Jonathan when I let him score a four point guild early on. Mind games folks.

With the guild that gave me the win if a tie happened when resolving a guild, I was basically set.

I stayed within reach of Jonathan until the last couple of rounds, where I over took him points wise. Debbie was trailing but I was concerned she had a load of guild cards. It was possible that she’d be making an end game surge scoring them.

It was funny because Jonathan trying to grasp points in the last round threw six points away to score four! He was feeling the pressure.

End game scoring saw me sail off into the distance, while Debbie narrowly came last by a point. Which if not for one decision in the last round, which was advised by Jonathan and myself because we thought that was the optimal play at the time (not knowing her guild cards), would have seen her second.

A great second play of the game. It was less mean with me sitting on the neutral livery men, Jonathan’s tactics failing, mine working. Looking forward to the next game.

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