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In a previous post I was pimping the page that I was selling some of my games on. It’s a once a year thing I do in the run up to the expo, with collection being at the expo. Mainly because I am too lazy to go through all the hassle of wrapping stuff up and arranging for it to be collected by a courier.

Anyway in this years clear out I sold two games I really like! If I really liked them why did I get rid of them? A very good question, and I’m glad you asked it. Let’s have a look at the two games and see why I decided to sell them.

First up and probably the easier to explain is Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. I do like this game. I love the fact you can pick your starting five cards. It has deck construction, dice rolling, a nice back and forward flow to it when taking actions, with I take an action, then you take an action. You can mitigate poor dice rolls. The art is gorgeous. Stunning. I do like the art a lot.


No one is playing it locally. There is no Ashes scene. Well unless you live in London that is, it seems that way. So I just wasn’t getting games in. Even if I got some-one interested in playing the game, supply has been an issue, especially on the expansions. Which brings me to another point. It’s coming up to a year now since the last expansion came out. There are a couple of expansions coming out (soon? I suspect being saved for GenCon). The tournament scene is on life support. Apparently there are events in London. But that’s too far. There was definitely no UK/EU Finals at this years UKGE. I didn’t see any one playing it either.

This decision to sell Android Netrunner did require a lot of soul searching. It was a very hard choice to make. I love this game. Spoiler alert, it just missed out on being in my Top 10.

Once again this is a game that has great art work. I love the art on the Day Job card. It’s why I didn’t sell the Day Job art work play mat I have. I love the flavour text on the cards.

Look at the flavour text on two of my other favourite cards Faust and DDoS.Isn’t that amazing? The theme really hits the spot for me. Cyberpunk, hacking, battling against big corporations. I love it.

So what made me send my collection off to a new home? The FFG Most Wanted List (MWL). Particularly the last update that introduced the extra three influence cost on some cards. I spend time building decks, finding combos, then to have FFG wreck my deck is not on. I could have just about lived with the cards being one extra influence. But making four of the cards in my runner deck an extra three influence, nope. They also did similar with the NBN stuff. “Ah but you could play games with others not using the MWL”, yeah but in reality it wouldn’t happen because the majority of players locally only play in the FLGS tournaments. And if I had made it to the Peterborough meet that is held to play then they are busy playing and testing decks to take part in tournaments (because they play at my FLGS tournies, and travel to play in them as well). So in reality I wouldn’t be able to play with those cards. It just felt FFG hated the factions I love playing in Netrunner. Plus I was not getting games in-between the FLGS tournaments. Like Ashes I really need to be playing it more.

I haven’t given up on this style/type of game. Dale and I play Star Wars:Destiny in our lunch breaks. And that’s the big difference, I am playing the game regularly, and we can buy product (now that it appears that FFG have solved the supply issue). Not sure there is a local meta for the game because I know that my FLGS doesn’t sell the game. I might have to see what is happening in Cambridge. Definitely won’t set foot in the LGS in Peterborough. And I think there is a tournament in Lincoln at the start of July. So Dale and I might try entering to see how that goes. But there definitely does seem to be more going on with Destiny than Ashes. I can see it catching up with and over taking Netrunner for FFG. I just hope they don’t ruin it like they have done with Netrunner.

There you have it, why I sold two games I really like and what I’m addicted to now! What are your thoughts on this. Do you agree with me, or do you think I have made a massive mistake?

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