Hulking Out

I like Games Lore they are a nice reliable company. Well my experience with them so far has been very good. This morning the latest data pack from the SanSan Cycle dropped through the letter box.

I love the data packs and the job that FFG do with them. I love the leaflets that they include with background information on them. They add meat to the Android universe that FFG have created. It's a simple thing but adds so much to the game for me. After all the theme is so awesome.

A Tale of Woe

I should be telling you all about the arrival of Imperial Settlers today. But sadly due to a bunch of lazy lying b'stards at the Royal Mail I can't.

You may detect I'm just a tad upset about this.

Tracking numbers are great things. So when I was on Amazon this morning checking when my Munchkin Loot Letter would be arriving I noticed that it was also saying that there had been an attempt to deliver said Imperial Settlers at 8:23am!

This kind of took me by surprise because I was sitting down stairs in the living room drinking an awesome mug of coffee, with Loki curled up next to me. There was no knock on the door, no little card lying about how they had tried to deliver.

So you can imagine I was very pissed off to see this as an update.

Now I have popped out this morning around 10:30, the pack needed some treats to keep them busy. However mum was dog sitting. So there was someone at mine, sitting in my living room (which by the way the front door opens into) with the dogs.

But apparently once more according to the tracking the Royal Mail had tried to redeliver the package! Once more no card through the door. Once more no knock on the door. Once more a false claim by the delivery person.

Is it a wonder that business is being lost to competitors by the Royal Mail, when they clearly employ liars who are not doing their job. I am fed up with the Royal Mail. Bunch of thieves and liars if you ask me. When I don't receive a package that I've ordered it has always been the Royal Mail that was meant to be delivering it. It's funny as the replacement always gets through no problems.

There is going to be an angry me turning up to the local depot Monday morning. Even then the managers are incompetent, never returning calls when asked to so a complaint can be made.

The sooner the Royal Mail goes out of business the better I say.


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