How Beautiful Is Risk:GoT edition?

You have to go look at the video of the new Risk A Game of a Thrones edition that the folks over at Boardgame Geek recorded at GenCon nearly a month ago now (it's only gone up today).

The game looks stunning. The publisher appears to have done a really good job in the whole look and presentation. I definitely want to to get this even more now. It will be interesting to compare it with the GoT boardgame.

You can view the video on YouTube

Star Realms Stuff

Hot in from the U.S. of A is the Star Realms stuff I bought off some-one that attended GenCon and had spares.

First up the Blob Fight promo for GenCon signed by Robert Dougherty (Lead Game Development on Star Realms). This is super cool and AWESOME. And yes I am that easily pleased and impressed.

There was also a Mercenary Garrison card. Which seeing as I already have will be finding its way to Naths Star Realms cards for his birthday.

Then finally there was the GenCon Preview edition of the upcoming Cosmic Gambits expansion.

If I get a chance over the next couple of days I'll do a post looking at the cards in this new expansion. However I'm at a friends wedding tomorrow and not sure what the internet situation is like at the venue (which I'm staying at until Friday).


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