Hot or Not

At the start of the week I think it was on one of the Facebook board game groups I keep an eye on, some-one posted asking how many of the BGG Top 100 did we own, and how many had we played?

I posted my response which after this mornings little exercise in Excel proved to be inaccurate! Oops maths was never my strong suit, plus I’m old. Well that’s the excuse I’m going with, and sticking to.

As I just hinted I pulled the list of Top 100 games as rated on BGG, along with the current list of Hot Games as of this morning on the site (you can find that list on the home page of BGG), downloaded my current list of games owned from BGG, and then used the magic of Excel to process the data!

So out of the current list of Hot Games, (and don’t ask me how a game gets on this list, I have no idea. There must be some sort of clever algorithm working in the background looking at data on the BGG site.) I own 8 of the 50 games that make up this list, or as a percentage I own 16% of the current Hot Games. But have only played 6 of them, which works out at 12%.

That’s not too bad really, considering that usually the Hot Games are normally just released, or announced games, or existing games that have an expansion coming out.

With the current Top 100 (based on scores BGG members give the game I believe with some voodoo done to those figures) I own 21 of them, or 21% (yes percentages are really easy for the Top 100). But I’ve played 30 or 30% of the Top 100 games.

Which I think isn’t too shabby if you ask me.

Plus there are 2 games (Cry Havoc and Keyflower) on the lists that I don’t actually own yet but will in the next week. With a further 3 I think sitting on the Top 100 that are on my Wishlist.

On the Hot Games list there are 5 games (with only one of them overlapping on the Top 100) that are To Be Played (TBP). Which basically means I want to get them to the table real soon. And there are plans in place for two or three of them already.

For those with nothing better to do here is the excel spreadsheet with my data in it.

I have to admit it has been fun doing this little exercise and I might do it as part of a yearly round up or something. How about that for a threat?

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