Hot List Testing

When you visit the bgg website stuck on the left of the page is the Hot List.

I now have a button in my stats program that will look at that list, and tell me how many that I own, and how many I have played.

This is an example of the information it gives me.

BGG Hot List Stats
I own 5 of the Hot List
I’ve played 12 of the Hot List
The games I own in the Hot List are ranked as follows:
2 Scythe 383
16 Mechs vs. Minions 313
24 Star Wars: Imperial Assault 294
46 7 Wonders Duel 234
76 Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island 177

I know looking at the Hot List that I own more than the five my program says that I own. However I know why this is. It’s easy really the list of my games owned is out of date! Since I downloaded the list from bgg I have added to the collection.

I’m not updating the list of games owned until I have completed the initial pairwise comparisons. Once I have that first completed list of ranked games in my collection, I will add functionality that will take a new bgg list of my collection and add any new games to the database.

In reality the final owned figure currently should be 8.

I know that the played side is fairly accurate because it uses my logged plays data, and takes into account games in my collection that I played before I started recording plays. So apart from one or two games that I played but owned by some-one else that I played before I started recording games, I’m happy with the number this gives.

I also like that it tells me the rank of each of the games I own in the Hot List. Although I am shocked that 7 Wonders Duel is sitting at it’s current position. But the rankings don’t lie! Plus I’m just short of 39% through the pairwise comparisons. Still time for things to change.

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