Hot List Q1 2016

So continuing my hot list posts I make predictions on the games I think are going to be hot that quarter of the year.

My first prediction is more wishful thinking than knowing it will hit the stores this quarter. All I know is that Games Workshop have said they are bringing back Bloodbowl in 2016. I have fond memories of playing this game while I was studying down in Brighton, and my friend Chris painting one or two of the metal figures for the game. Inparticular he did an amazing job on one of the Minotaur players.

The next big Eric Lang game hits in March to the Kickstarter backers in March if all things go to schedule. I went all in on this game! So I'm expecting a massive box of cool stuff arriving.

I know the T.I.M.E. Stories expansion A Prophecy of Dragons hits the shelves of stores this week. But still I think for fans of the game this is going to be a must buy.

Finally FFG should be releasing a new Star Wars miniatures game (they don't have the licence for boardgames based on the IP) this quarter. What we can guarantee is that it will have the usual high quality production values that FFG are renown for. Will it be a good game or great game, we won't know until we great our hands on it. But it will sell well for sure.

What games do you think will be hot this quarter?


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