Hitting next week starting 28Mar16

Only one thing of interest in my world coming out next week via our Esdevium/Asmodee overlords. That something is the first expansion for Epic the Card Game from White Wizard Games, Tyrants.

I'm a bit disappointed in pricing. Each of the four packs that make the expansion up contain twelve new cards. So for forty eight new cards the cost is more than the base card set of one hundred and twenty. Plus if you are running three sets to make an epic cube how many copies of these expansions do you need?

I'm hoping that with this expansion hitting retail that my FLGS will be able to order the game day and tournament kits.

While I'm talking White Wizard Games and their great games, apparently hitting Kickstarter soon is a new version of Star Realms with a fantasy theme called Hero Realms. Excited by this news. I hope they don't make the same mistakes they did with Cthulhu Realms, ie over iconify the cards.


2 thoughts on “Hitting next week starting 28Mar16

  1. To be fair Cuthulu Realms was not White Wizard

    I am also disappointed in the pricing, but to be fair this game, EPIC, has not lit me on fire like Star Realms.

    I do not think this game will retain the fun factor it has in a tournament environment. I honestly have no interest at all in playing it in any competitive fashion.

    1. True but same designer. I agree I like Star Realms better also. But I enjoy Epic for what it is,that Magic experience without the collectable deep pockets element. Does any tournament?
      From what I’ve seen a tournament is based on the draft format and not the pre constructed.

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