Hey hey have you heard the news?

Thunderbirds are go!!!

Yes you have guessed it the Kickstarter for the cooperative board game designed by Matt Leacock based on the beloved children's TV classic (despite Holywoods attempt to ruin the memory with that aweful live action movie) Thunderbirds, has gone live today.

Be quick as the top tier will be locked once the game has reached £70,000. The top tier is awesome as it gets you the game, expansions and stretch goals PLUS your name in the credits!!! OH YES! I think it will hit this target easily, although I guess it won't raise as much as the Ghostbusters boardgame. It will be interesting to see what both of these franchises manage to raise via Kickstarter when they reach the end of their funding periods. And I'm sure when both have closed on Kickstarter I'll write some fluff piece comparing how the campaigns went and commenting on the totals raised. I may even try to make myself sound intellectual and know what I'm talking about (I know that will be amazingly hard).

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Lego Minifig Stuff

Had some new arrivals today. First up straight from the U.S. some cowboy hats, a couple of flat caps, a couple of trilbes, and some six shooters.

The flat caps and the trilbe are for the hipster figure I'm creating. I have one more cap coming before I decide which is the one I like best for completing the figure. Once that arrives I'll write a third and final post on the hipster figure.
Next up I was able to source off eBay the parts I wanted from a particular Indiana Jones lego set that I need for another project which you will see the fruits of in May.

Remember my post about Android:Netrunner from the weekend? I used my Hacktivist figure for that post. Well I want to be able to depict the conflict between runner and corporation, so I've sourced some business minifigs to represent the corporation side of the Android:Netrunner. Can you guess which minifig is on its way that is the ultimate representation of a corporation?

Finally today also from eBay came a vintage Lego minifig astronaut. I think this was one of the first minifigs I played with as a kid/teenager.
Mum got me a series 13 minifig today, but I'd already got the Egyptian guard/warrior so it was kept for the parts. I don't mind doubles when it comes to minifigs as I do as I have here and use them to build up my spare parts to make other figures with.
I also got the latest copy of Blocks, a magazine about Lego. I particularly want to read the building a Star Wars arm article.


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